Boulder Group Supervision with Uri Talmor: Internal Family Systems, Gestalt, Transpersonal, and experiential focus


This is an experientially based supervision group. Perfect for anyone looking to deepen their skills in Internal Family Systems (IFS) and/or Gestalt. We’ll also look at how to work with Transpersonal issues, such as spiritual emergence and working with transpersonal parts.

Currently, we have room in a group that meets every four weeks on Wednesdays and meets at 9:45am. The group is 90 minutes for $50. I can sign off any necessary forms for group supervision. Participants are allowed to miss two groups within any 12 month period; after that, they are responsible for paying for all missed groups.

I also have 2 different Monday groups that are full that meet at 12pm, and I’m happy to put you on a waiting list for when a spot may open up.

Location: 2515 Broadway, Garden Level, Boulder, CO.

About me: Graduated from Transpersonal Counseling program at Naropa in 2004. Trained in IFS that year and have used it heavily ever since. Currently, I teach the Gestalt class in the same Naropa program, and I weave in a lot of IFS and Transpersonal in that class. I’ve worked at 6 different facilities, 4 dealing with eating disorders (one of which I helped create). I love to teach, and my students at Naropa almost have as much fun as I do. You can see examples of my teachings here…

Nonviolent Communication Intro

Internal Family Systems Intro

Please email Uri at [email protected] to schedule a brief screening to assess your fit.

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